How much it cost for the arya samaj marriages?

How much it cost for the arya samaj marriages

Rajasthan High court ruled that Arya Samaj will no longer be the first resort of rebellious couples looking to get married without parental consent. The Rajasthan high court has ruled that Arya Samaj marriages will be only after informing the parents and if they object, the couple must produce three “prominent persons” from each side as witnesses.

“The pious purpose of the Arya Samaj Mission has been lost by the local units in the state and they are becoming a tool for pacification of ‘greed and lust’ for girl and boy and once it is over, the marriage lands in courts, resulting in irreversible breakdowns,” said Justice Dalip Singh who was on the bench along with Justice Sajjan Singh Kothari. “We fail to appreciate the Arya Samaj becoming a tool of such pacification. The persons running Arya Samaj are minting money by such quick marriages resulting in a serious problem in society.”

In a hard-hitting judgment, the Karnataka High Court dismissed a habeas corpus petition filed by a Bangalore resident seeking reunion with his newly married wife, who he claimed was illegally detained by her parents.

Observing that a girl below the age of 21 years cannot judge the character of a person she marries, the Division Bench comprising Justice Bhaktavatsala and Justice Govindaraju directed police to lodge a suo motu kidnapping case against the petitioner, Avinash of Sudhama Nagar.

The court further observed that a girl below 21 years of age must have the consent of the parents for her marriage. “Parents should choose the boy for a girl aged below 21, as it is they who bear the brunt of an unsuccessful marriage,” the Bench said.

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